Kunversion Lead Capture Website and CRM

This amazing tool is available to all eXp Realtors at no cost. It is a $4k/year value.  Couple it with Search Engine Marketing called Making It Rain and you have a ready made lead generation system.

Kunversion Website

eXp agents get their very own, very powerful IDX website which can be used to generate leads.  Kunversion is also a very good lead capture tool with an amazing CRM built in.

The Value

You can purchase Kunversion on your own but it will set you back about $4k per year.  eXp has decided the tool is valuable enough to just make it available to every agent at no additional cost.

Making it Rain

Making it Rain is maintained in house by our gurus from the "working the Magic" team.  The program facilitates lead generation through Search Engine Marketing, Facebook ad campaigns and other tools.  Leads generated through Making It Rain belong to the realtor are distributed directly to an agents Kunversion account and will not be subject to a lesser commission split. The program allows agents to sign-up for leads in their market for as little as $100/month without a contract

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